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One-of-a-kind logo

Star Croissant Logo

Star Croissant Logo

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This icon is a fantastic choice for your brand as it masterfully combines the allure of the cosmos with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The central element is a sleek and futuristic depiction of a celestial object, possibly a planet or a spaceship, nestled within a classic star shape, evoking a sense of exploration and innovation. The additional smaller stars create a feeling of vastness and wonder, suggesting that your brand is capable of reaching beyond the traditional boundaries. The high-contrast black and white color scheme ensures excellent visibility and recognition, making it versatile and effective for both digital and print mediums. Embrace this icon to position your brand as a leader in cutting-edge creativity and boundless potential.

One of a kind: This logo is yours to keep. Once purchased, we remove this logo from our platform.

Format: SVG (scalable vector file), black and white, easy to change color.

Included in purchase: unique SVG logo file, $5 off in our font shop, $5 off in our brand kit creator.

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