A simple guide to customizing logo icons

A simple guide to customizing logo icons

When you dive into the world of branding, one principle stands out: uniqueness is key. That’s why, in our shop, every logo icon is a one-of-a-kind design.

A unique logo sets your brand apart, telling your story in a glance, and etching your identity in the minds of your audience. But what happens when you stumble upon a custom logo that almost speaks your language but needs a few tweaks to sing your brand’s tune perfectly?

This is where you might have to look into vector editing, and guess what? It’s surprisingly easy and accessible, even if you’re not a design guru. Let’s walk through how you can customize these already custom icons using vector programs like Illustrator, Canva, and various free alternatives.

Moving a vector point

Imagine your logo as a flexible sculpture, where each curve and line can be tweaked to perfection. Vector programs allow you to select points or nodes on your design and move them around. To do this, simply choose the direct selection tool (the white arrow), click on a point, and drag it to its new position. This ability to adjust each element precisely helps you mold the logo to fit your vision, ensuring the spacing, shape, and overall flow align with your brand identity.

Changing colors

Color isn’t just an aesthetic choice, it’s part of the brand identity kit. It can set a mood, convey emotions, and even influence decisions. Changing the color of your vector icon to align with your brand’s palette is straightforward. In your vector program, select the element you wish to recolor, then choose a new color from the color panel. If your brand already has specific colors, you can input their hex codes for exact matches. Remember, consistency is key in branding, so this step is crucial for aligning your logo with your brand’s visual language.

Simplifying to one color

There’s not only a sophisticated elegance in simplicity, and this holds true for logos as well, using a single color for your logo not only enhances its readability across various backgrounds but also increases its versatility. It ensures your logo maintains its integrity whether it’s on a business card or a billboard.

See if your logo also works in one color. That’s usually the case when neighboring elements are not combined and the overall design is stamp-like (black or white, shape or no-shape). All of our logo icons are already simplified so they work in one color.

However, if you have a logo already that’s in multiple colors, in your vector program, simplifying your logo to one color can be as easy as selecting all elements and applying the same color. This not only makes your logo more adaptable but often more memorable.

Saving and exporting your logo

Once you’ve fine-tuned your logo, saving or exporting it correctly is the last step. Vector files (like AI or SVG) are preferred for their scalability—they can be sized up or down without losing quality.

However, for specific uses, such as web, you might need to export your logo as a PNG or JPEG. When exporting, ensure you choose a high resolution and transparent background if necessary, making your logo ready for any medium.

Most applications that require you to upload a logo, say what pixel size they prefer. Stick with those numbers during export.

Choosing the perfect font

While your logo icon might work as a full logo for some applications such as a social media profile image, often a combined logo (symbol and brand name as text) is required. To find the right font fit for your customized logo that already shows your brand’s personality, see what other aspect of your brand values might be missing or could be highlighted in your combined logo design.

Our font shop offers a unique-to-our-platform selection of fonts that complement our custom logo icons. And by the way, with a custom logo purchase, you’ll automatically get $5 off of any font from the shop.

When choosing a font, consider its character and how it aligns with your brand’s voice. Is your brand modern or traditional, playful or serious? The right font will support your logo, completing the narrative your brand wants to convey. In the end, customizing a logo vector icon isn’t just about making changes, it’s about turning your company vision into a design, ensuring it speaks your language fluently and stands out in the crowded marketplace. With these simple steps and a bit of creativity, you’re well on your way to branding brilliance.

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